Friday, December 2, 2016

It ends soon! Stonick Art Exhibit at Saddleback College

I Hope you get the chance to see my "Art Exhibit at Saddleback College" through Dec 12th.

At the Library/LRC, third floor, through Dec 12, 2016, ( the exhibition  date was extended).  Lyndelle Stonick, Saddleback College associate faculty member is a professional working artist. She works in acrylics, pastel, oils, and watercolors. Nine of her landscape works in pastel and oil are displayed in the Library. 

The exhibition is predominantly about trees. Although it didnt start off with that intent, it ended up that way, with the exception of one plein air painting of an ocean scene that got switched out at the last moment. The show was  hung and curated by Professor Pamme Turner. 

As I was selecting artwork to submit for the show, I began noticing the trees in my paintings. When you do landscape paintings you are going to run into a few trees as you might imagine, so I never gave it any extra thought. Sure Ive been a tree lover all my life, I even wrote a poem about a tree. I remember parts of it...."Standing here above this ground feeling every motion, hearing every sound ,the years have left me worn but wise, marking me with every sunset and sunrise. Beneath my branches many have lied, children played and women cried, but through the darkness of every night, came a new day bringing promise and light...." I'll stop here. Its a beautiful poem if I say so myself.  I wrote it at 15 in my high school english class.  Ill have to find it and perhaps post the rest. (I just don't know about copyright protection ?) So my point is, you might not be surprised to see trees in my paintings. Like everyone else, especially plein air painters,  I like trees. They offer shade, a subject, a support, a place to hang out or hang your jacket, and protection from the wind like in Anza Borrego.  I just didnt realize how much trees dominated my landscapes, until I looked at my paintings as a group when  it became very clear to me, that they "were" my story. I took note and went with it. I felt as if the trees were  speaking to me and again I was celebrating  dear friends and listening. 

 I hope you can see the exhibit. And If you do I'd love to hear what you think.


Saturday, February 21, 2015

All Things Art 2015

     This year got started just the right way, with a terrific and relaxing trip to the Western Caribbean on a Princess Cruise. It was one of the best , even though we had to skip Roatan,  ( I was really hoping to go diving or snorkeling there) because of fog delaying our departure.  The ports were charming, warm and inviting. Belize had some great snorkeling with fish of all shapes and colors  to see as well as birds and fauna to explore. 

     Last year I decided to slow down little with some of the plein air competitions, workshops and shows, and instead got busy in other directions. In summer I taught three watercolor classes with some absolutely terrific students.

  Right after my classes ended, I drove up to northern California to camp in South Lake Tahoe to  take a workshop with one of my very favorite watercolorists,  "Dale Laitenen". I painted every day outdoors at different locations on 1/2 sheet rough WC paper , when the rain wasn't chasing us, and loved every minute! With all the teaching and shows I do, I  dont always get enough time to paint for me ! The scenery  was indeed breathtaking. Standing there and being able to see and  capture  the beauty before me , left me feeling very humbled yet inspired.  I can't wait to come back.  The scenery couldnt have been more striking, and the weather, well it was a little wet. I arrived in a huge downpour and drove past a burning mountain side apparently set ablaze from a recent  lightening strike.  Just as we drove into the camp , the rain stopped! What timing !  

      This past summer the Oceanside Museum of Art had an upcoming exhibition that I really wanted to enter, called  "California Dreaming" which was the traveling part of the show. I was excited to be able to portray my home state in a way that spoke to me and carried a message. I had the option of working in oil, acrylics, pastels or watercolors. I chose acrylics, that way I could paint a larger image on canvas ( shipping was a consideration) and it  wouldn't need to be framed. I'm delighted to announce that my painting "Mirage" is one of the 10% that was accepted into the "San Diego  Dreaming" part of the  show that begins Feb 28 thru June 21st. The opening reception is March 7th at 7pm.  I  hope to see you at the reception.  
     Last year  I was graciously  asked to exhibit  along with some other great local pastelists ( Fedorchak, Keith, Riedell, Sotherland, and Sweetland) at the Fallbrook Gallery . The show runs from January 10th thru February 27th. There is some great talent in the show and it is a lovely location if you haven't seen the library yet . In true artistic style, the library reflects the creativity and support for the arts that the city of Fallbrook has maintained so well. It is a welcoming and charming town and has a wonderful Art Center that offers high caliber shows,  downtown right across from the library. The show is almost over so make a run down soon so you dont miss it!  Fallbrook Library 124 S. Mission, Fallbrook.
I will also be demonstrating for the  Fallbrook Art Association  May 14th at 5:30 pm followed by a Workshop that coming Sunday on May 17th at noon
      April 1st , Wed. at 7:30 pm, Ill be doing a Demonstration for the Huntington Beach Art League. It is a very active art organization, with some awesome talent and a very high membership. I will be demonstrating and judging the show at Rodgers Senior Center on 17th and Orange Sts. in Huntington Beach.

    The picture of me above is from my September demonstration at the first Friday ARTWALK in Oceanside at the  Museum of Art. I was working with "pan pastels". 

     I hope to see you at one or more of my demonstrations or openings! 

                                                                                   Warm Regards,

                                            Lyndelle Stonick

Monday, July 15, 2013

Wow! I cant believe its been a whole year since Ive posted on my blog.....? OK, maybe I can. We had a remodel last summer that slowed me down tremendously so I did a lot of back peddling to catch up. The blog just got put by the wayside and I was happy to post to my website as I had?)
Well, lots has happened since my new and beautiful kitchen countertops and recarpeted upstairs.

I'll do my best to catch you up .
 In May this year,  I exhibited at Torrey Pines "Art in the Pines" two day event. The wind gave me a real challenge and I spent the whole day holding on to my walls as the wind would pull up the canopy and the walls would come a tumbling down ! It was so windy that I didnt even go do my 2 hour plein air painting I was scheduled for, as I was afraid to leave the booth! My stress was growing as it kept getting windier. The weather forecast for sunday was worse with rain so I decided to pack up my things yes, all of them, the damaged frames and artwork and reconsider. Come Sunday morning, it didnt look any rosier so I  unpacked the car .  It was a very hard decision to make for me as I am not a quitter. The show was a good show with some other great artists  in such a beautiful location. I love Torrey! Just to let you know how windy it was, on Sunday a boat capsized off shore and the owner had to be rescued.

With my weekly classes, I always stay quite busy especially when I take on outside events. So I actually tried to lay low for a while (The remodel was months of work as we did the majority ourselves). In Spring I offered a few workshops through Art Supply Warehouse in Westminster in painting and pastels.

In June I decided to join Paint San Clemente again, Ive done it for about 10 years so Ive got quite a few San Clemente paintings if you are looking for any. (Yes Ive sold a number too!) They do accumulate though! The paintings will be in the San Clemente Art Gallery on Del Mar until Aug. 2nd .  I was also asked to be a guest artist for the Brandon Gallery in downtown Fallbrook and join in on  their fundraiser by painting two paintings on a wall that would be sold by the square inch. Those will also be up til the end of July. The wall is very fun to see with very affordably priced paintings, all for a good cause.

Soon I hope to be exhibiting at a new gallery in Carlsbad, new for me at least , as they've shown interest in my work. So stay posted. I also
The above photos are: Me painting the wall at Brandon Gallery, Torrey Pines Table Rock from above, San Clemente Pier view of the Clocktower and beach, and Carslbad, Batiquitos Lagoon. ( I made prints of the lagoon painting above, so if you want one let me know. )


Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Borrego Plein Air Invitational

My week in Anza Borrego Desert, in and around Borrego Springs, was as usual a wonderful experience.

I stayed at the home of a charming lady who volunteered to support the Art Institute by hosting an artist. I was that lucky artist. The weather was good, although there were occasional strong winds we had to work around. (Translation: dont paint in them). I was doing pretty well until I was signing a painting and one gust took everything down and then some. It was messy! I kept getting paint on everything, but most important, the painting survived!!

 One of the most  favorite places for tourists and locals alike to go for   panoramic views  is Font's Point.  Its also one of the most notable landmarks in the valley. At sunset it turns golden when bathed in sunlight.  Font's is  where I did my first two paintings. And what a view it was ! You can see all the way into Mexico. It was inspirational. I thought I'd take on a good challenge and attempt a close-up of the point. Afterwards, I turned around and did a view looking West, which
 I called that " Fonts's, the Other View!"

 There's a few churches on the road where I was staying  so I was looking forward to capturing one in the glow of the morning sun. This is a pastel on hardboard 11x14.

 Since I was in college Ive been going to Anza Borrego to camp and hike so I know it pretty well, yet everytime I go , this being my 4th year painting in the competition, I discover places I 've never seen before. It fascinates me and frustrates me that I cant go just anywhere with my van . That turned out to be a lucky dilemna as I got to meet other artists and paint with them for a ride.  We also had excursions this time and had a great time hiking in the Slot. What fun! We talked about light, form, color, nature, geology. It was great.

 The final day of the competition I painted at the school where my host works , which allowed the kids to come by and watch me paint. And once the work was all turned in, I took off with fellow painters and went exploring up Fish Creek. That was saturday, the day the storm was arriving. It happened to arrive while we were out too. We watched as a big sand storm decended on some of the artists who stayed to paint. We in turn got rained on. When I left early sunday moring, I drove through snow for 50 miles, just about the entire way to Pala. It was slow driving. I was very glad to get home safe.

What an awesome  week! 
My thanks go out to the Art Institute for putting on another terrifc event!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Spring 2012 Art News

For the week of March 11th I'll be one  of 15 artists out painting the beautiful desert scenery in Anza Borrego State Park, in and  around Borrego Springs. With the recent rains, the wildflowers could be pretty good this year. Its a great time  to enjoy the weather and the scenery either way.
Drop by the Borrego Art Institute to see the fresh new paintings at 587 Palm Canyon Drive. Its new  location will be on Christmas Circle. We'll be working all week around the park, dropping off paintings as we finish them. To find us, well, If you find a nice scene or shade, we might be nearby.
Express Yourself in Oils "Painting Class" will start up for another 8 week session on March 22nd and go thru May 31st. It's offered through the SVUSC Recreation Dept. New and beginning students are welcome. We meet at Aliso Intermediate School, in Mission Viejo. To sign up go to

In May I'll exhibit in Torrey Pines during their Art in the Pines event May 5-6th. That's such a lovely location you'll enjoy an outing to this event. I'll also be one of the artists exhibiting in the Artist's Tour in San Clemente May 6th. (Yes, somehow Ill be in two places at the same time!)

Also on March 31st I'll be giving a workshop Saturday at Art Supply Warehouse in Westminster on Palette knife painting in oils.
Materials are provided The Cost is $45. You  just need to show up!! Bring a friend!  You can sign up at
(Just scroll down til you see my paintings and class description.)

In February I demonstrated for the Seal Beach Art League. This is the not yet finished pastel with an oil underpainting.

The Eastern Carribean Artcruise workshop.
What a lovely part of the atlantic to experience. The color of the water vared from prussian blue to turquoise with so many incredible nuances of blues transitioning to violets as the light shifted at the end of the day.
How often I have tried to convey water like this. How magical it was to be swimming in it or lying on the beach under the hot sun relaxing , if only for a little while.It was quite wonderful to slow down and just breath it all in. 
We worked during the seadays on the ship. I kept the students busy with projects and went through a number of steps focusing on light. I addressed the color and  temperature  changes of light based on times of day and also discussed shadows, along with front back or side lighting. There was plenty to digest . On port days students could explore or paint on their own. I also offered an opptional plein air painting opportunity on Eleuthera, which was the perfect place to paint. We stopped there first then went to St. Maarten, St Thomas and last was Grand Turk. As much as I wanted to dive, I opted to snorkel instead and wasnt dissapointed. The fish were colorful and plentiful.  A final walk at sunset along the water's edge was the perfect end to a wonderful cruise.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

San Luis Obispo Paintings

The First week of October I was in San Luis Obispo painting the nearby  landscape for the SLO Art museum's annual Plein Air event. I was happy to be accepted as one of 50 artists from around the country. This was my first time here . The landscape was truley inspiring. I painted Tolosa winery first, then went to Pismo Beach and painted the coast. In between I painted the bay, Montana del Oro,  along with the Edna Valley.

Some of my paintings are below. The scenery was diverse, almost as diverse as the weather that went from windy and  rainy to sunny and hot. The rain allowed me the opportunity to sleep in a little, then study the refelctions in the rain, while I stayed dry  under an overhang. At Montana del Oro, I had just put my pastel painting away , got in the car and drove off when it poured ! Talk about timing. Luck was on my side.

By the end of the week I was exploring the northern coast as well as 
some of the  local wineries (trying to find where I could paint out  of the wind) and looking for  a little inspiration. Tasted some great wine at the Edna Valley Winery and painted a nice scene looking across the valley ( from inside my van) as the sun was descending. The light across the hills and on the barn was wonderful. 

My quick draw was done in two and a half hours. As I was nearly finished, this boy came and sat on the rocks below the bridge. It was perfect. I rushed to put him in and missed with my first strokes using my round unison pastels. The spectators standing around me were getting anxious as they watched me struggle to get the right strokes.  I was under the gun. My edges were off and I had just minutes to turn it in. I corrected the strokes , (my blood pressure must have gone up) and managed to get him down just before I had to turn the painting in for the auction.

After that,  I got to eat , relax and enjoy! 

Saturday, September 24, 2011

City of San Clemente's Art Contest - Award

 For those of you following my recent blogging attempts, I  announced that I had 5 paintings accepted in the City of San Clemente's Logo and Art Contest. Today they gave out 12 ribbons to the talented artists in the different catagories.  I  am very happy to announce that  I also recieved a ribbon.  I was honnored with " Best of Show!! 
As part of my award, my painting "Summer Seranade" will be published on the cover of the San Clemente Magazine. I'll keep you posted. 
"Summer Serenade" was actually a plein air painting I did last summer. I forgot my tripod so I had to paint on a table up above the pier. Once I got going, I was surprised to find out that I was at the very table where a group of musicians gathered on a weekly basis and they wanted to jam... at my table. Or rather with me at theirs. At first I was a bit irritated, I was frustrated with my painting then a bit worried about how much experience they had in music , thinking I really shouldve brought my tripod. (I really should have brought my tripod ). Well, it turns out that they may have been alittle out of tune, and off key, but their hearts were sure in it.  Maybe I woudnt have noticed so much but  I was using a board that was way too textured for my liking. What I wanted to do wasnt possible ,  so I started  playing with short strokes, which seemed the only way I could get the color to go where I wanted it to. I didnt get that real spontaeous look, but I think I captured the ambience of the evening, serenaded as the sun was setting beyond the point.