Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Borrego Plein Air Invitational

My week in Anza Borrego Desert, in and around Borrego Springs, was as usual a wonderful experience.

I stayed at the home of a charming lady who volunteered to support the Art Institute by hosting an artist. I was that lucky artist. The weather was good, although there were occasional strong winds we had to work around. (Translation: dont paint in them). I was doing pretty well until I was signing a painting and one gust took everything down and then some. It was messy! I kept getting paint on everything, but most important, the painting survived!!

 One of the most  favorite places for tourists and locals alike to go for   panoramic views  is Font's Point.  Its also one of the most notable landmarks in the valley. At sunset it turns golden when bathed in sunlight.  Font's is  where I did my first two paintings. And what a view it was ! You can see all the way into Mexico. It was inspirational. I thought I'd take on a good challenge and attempt a close-up of the point. Afterwards, I turned around and did a view looking West, which
 I called that " Fonts's, the Other View!"

 There's a few churches on the road where I was staying  so I was looking forward to capturing one in the glow of the morning sun. This is a pastel on hardboard 11x14.

 Since I was in college Ive been going to Anza Borrego to camp and hike so I know it pretty well, yet everytime I go , this being my 4th year painting in the competition, I discover places I 've never seen before. It fascinates me and frustrates me that I cant go just anywhere with my van . That turned out to be a lucky dilemna as I got to meet other artists and paint with them for a ride.  We also had excursions this time and had a great time hiking in the Slot. What fun! We talked about light, form, color, nature, geology. It was great.

 The final day of the competition I painted at the school where my host works , which allowed the kids to come by and watch me paint. And once the work was all turned in, I took off with fellow painters and went exploring up Fish Creek. That was saturday, the day the storm was arriving. It happened to arrive while we were out too. We watched as a big sand storm decended on some of the artists who stayed to paint. We in turn got rained on. When I left early sunday moring, I drove through snow for 50 miles, just about the entire way to Pala. It was slow driving. I was very glad to get home safe.

What an awesome  week! 
My thanks go out to the Art Institute for putting on another terrifc event!

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