Friday, December 2, 2016

It ends soon! Stonick Art Exhibit at Saddleback College

I Hope you get the chance to see my "Art Exhibit at Saddleback College" through Dec 12th.

At the Library/LRC, third floor, through Dec 12, 2016, ( the exhibition  date was extended).  Lyndelle Stonick, Saddleback College associate faculty member is a professional working artist. She works in acrylics, pastel, oils, and watercolors. Nine of her landscape works in pastel and oil are displayed in the Library. 

The exhibition is predominantly about trees. Although it didnt start off with that intent, it ended up that way, with the exception of one plein air painting of an ocean scene that got switched out at the last moment. The show was  hung and curated by Professor Pamme Turner. 

As I was selecting artwork to submit for the show, I began noticing the trees in my paintings. When you do landscape paintings you are going to run into a few trees as you might imagine, so I never gave it any extra thought. Sure Ive been a tree lover all my life, I even wrote a poem about a tree. I remember parts of it...."Standing here above this ground feeling every motion, hearing every sound ,the years have left me worn but wise, marking me with every sunset and sunrise. Beneath my branches many have lied, children played and women cried, but through the darkness of every night, came a new day bringing promise and light...." I'll stop here. Its a beautiful poem if I say so myself.  I wrote it at 15 in my high school english class.  Ill have to find it and perhaps post the rest. (I just don't know about copyright protection ?) So my point is, you might not be surprised to see trees in my paintings. Like everyone else, especially plein air painters,  I like trees. They offer shade, a subject, a support, a place to hang out or hang your jacket, and protection from the wind like in Anza Borrego.  I just didnt realize how much trees dominated my landscapes, until I looked at my paintings as a group when  it became very clear to me, that they "were" my story. I took note and went with it. I felt as if the trees were  speaking to me and again I was celebrating  dear friends and listening. 

 I hope you can see the exhibit. And If you do I'd love to hear what you think.


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