Saturday, September 24, 2011

City of San Clemente's Art Contest - Award

 For those of you following my recent blogging attempts, I  announced that I had 5 paintings accepted in the City of San Clemente's Logo and Art Contest. Today they gave out 12 ribbons to the talented artists in the different catagories.  I  am very happy to announce that  I also recieved a ribbon.  I was honnored with " Best of Show!! 
As part of my award, my painting "Summer Seranade" will be published on the cover of the San Clemente Magazine. I'll keep you posted. 
"Summer Serenade" was actually a plein air painting I did last summer. I forgot my tripod so I had to paint on a table up above the pier. Once I got going, I was surprised to find out that I was at the very table where a group of musicians gathered on a weekly basis and they wanted to jam... at my table. Or rather with me at theirs. At first I was a bit irritated, I was frustrated with my painting then a bit worried about how much experience they had in music , thinking I really shouldve brought my tripod. (I really should have brought my tripod ). Well, it turns out that they may have been alittle out of tune, and off key, but their hearts were sure in it.  Maybe I woudnt have noticed so much but  I was using a board that was way too textured for my liking. What I wanted to do wasnt possible ,  so I started  playing with short strokes, which seemed the only way I could get the color to go where I wanted it to. I didnt get that real spontaeous look, but I think I captured the ambience of the evening, serenaded as the sun was setting beyond the point. 

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  1. Awesome, it's beautiful and worthy of many ribbons! Funny how an adverse situation can create a winner. That's art!