Monday, July 15, 2013

Wow! I cant believe its been a whole year since Ive posted on my blog.....? OK, maybe I can. We had a remodel last summer that slowed me down tremendously so I did a lot of back peddling to catch up. The blog just got put by the wayside and I was happy to post to my website as I had?)
Well, lots has happened since my new and beautiful kitchen countertops and recarpeted upstairs.

I'll do my best to catch you up .
 In May this year,  I exhibited at Torrey Pines "Art in the Pines" two day event. The wind gave me a real challenge and I spent the whole day holding on to my walls as the wind would pull up the canopy and the walls would come a tumbling down ! It was so windy that I didnt even go do my 2 hour plein air painting I was scheduled for, as I was afraid to leave the booth! My stress was growing as it kept getting windier. The weather forecast for sunday was worse with rain so I decided to pack up my things yes, all of them, the damaged frames and artwork and reconsider. Come Sunday morning, it didnt look any rosier so I  unpacked the car .  It was a very hard decision to make for me as I am not a quitter. The show was a good show with some other great artists  in such a beautiful location. I love Torrey! Just to let you know how windy it was, on Sunday a boat capsized off shore and the owner had to be rescued.

With my weekly classes, I always stay quite busy especially when I take on outside events. So I actually tried to lay low for a while (The remodel was months of work as we did the majority ourselves). In Spring I offered a few workshops through Art Supply Warehouse in Westminster in painting and pastels.

In June I decided to join Paint San Clemente again, Ive done it for about 10 years so Ive got quite a few San Clemente paintings if you are looking for any. (Yes Ive sold a number too!) They do accumulate though! The paintings will be in the San Clemente Art Gallery on Del Mar until Aug. 2nd .  I was also asked to be a guest artist for the Brandon Gallery in downtown Fallbrook and join in on  their fundraiser by painting two paintings on a wall that would be sold by the square inch. Those will also be up til the end of July. The wall is very fun to see with very affordably priced paintings, all for a good cause.

Soon I hope to be exhibiting at a new gallery in Carlsbad, new for me at least , as they've shown interest in my work. So stay posted. I also
The above photos are: Me painting the wall at Brandon Gallery, Torrey Pines Table Rock from above, San Clemente Pier view of the Clocktower and beach, and Carslbad, Batiquitos Lagoon. ( I made prints of the lagoon painting above, so if you want one let me know. )


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