Thursday, October 20, 2011

San Luis Obispo Paintings

The First week of October I was in San Luis Obispo painting the nearby  landscape for the SLO Art museum's annual Plein Air event. I was happy to be accepted as one of 50 artists from around the country. This was my first time here . The landscape was truley inspiring. I painted Tolosa winery first, then went to Pismo Beach and painted the coast. In between I painted the bay, Montana del Oro,  along with the Edna Valley.

Some of my paintings are below. The scenery was diverse, almost as diverse as the weather that went from windy and  rainy to sunny and hot. The rain allowed me the opportunity to sleep in a little, then study the refelctions in the rain, while I stayed dry  under an overhang. At Montana del Oro, I had just put my pastel painting away , got in the car and drove off when it poured ! Talk about timing. Luck was on my side.

By the end of the week I was exploring the northern coast as well as 
some of the  local wineries (trying to find where I could paint out  of the wind) and looking for  a little inspiration. Tasted some great wine at the Edna Valley Winery and painted a nice scene looking across the valley ( from inside my van) as the sun was descending. The light across the hills and on the barn was wonderful. 

My quick draw was done in two and a half hours. As I was nearly finished, this boy came and sat on the rocks below the bridge. It was perfect. I rushed to put him in and missed with my first strokes using my round unison pastels. The spectators standing around me were getting anxious as they watched me struggle to get the right strokes.  I was under the gun. My edges were off and I had just minutes to turn it in. I corrected the strokes , (my blood pressure must have gone up) and managed to get him down just before I had to turn the painting in for the auction.

After that,  I got to eat , relax and enjoy! 

Saturday, September 24, 2011

City of San Clemente's Art Contest - Award

 For those of you following my recent blogging attempts, I  announced that I had 5 paintings accepted in the City of San Clemente's Logo and Art Contest. Today they gave out 12 ribbons to the talented artists in the different catagories.  I  am very happy to announce that  I also recieved a ribbon.  I was honnored with " Best of Show!! 
As part of my award, my painting "Summer Seranade" will be published on the cover of the San Clemente Magazine. I'll keep you posted. 
"Summer Serenade" was actually a plein air painting I did last summer. I forgot my tripod so I had to paint on a table up above the pier. Once I got going, I was surprised to find out that I was at the very table where a group of musicians gathered on a weekly basis and they wanted to jam... at my table. Or rather with me at theirs. At first I was a bit irritated, I was frustrated with my painting then a bit worried about how much experience they had in music , thinking I really shouldve brought my tripod. (I really should have brought my tripod ). Well, it turns out that they may have been alittle out of tune, and off key, but their hearts were sure in it.  Maybe I woudnt have noticed so much but  I was using a board that was way too textured for my liking. What I wanted to do wasnt possible ,  so I started  playing with short strokes, which seemed the only way I could get the color to go where I wanted it to. I didnt get that real spontaeous look, but I think I captured the ambience of the evening, serenaded as the sun was setting beyond the point. 

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

 What's Up and Coming 

Look for me in the City of San Clemente's Logo and Art Contest in the San Clemente Art Gallery on Del Mar from Sept 18 thru Oct 27th. I have 5 paintings to share with you, oils and pastels.

I'm exhibiting at the Fallbrook Library as one of the Award Winners from the past juried art show where I won 3 ribbons. View until Oct 22nd.

Oct 3-9th I'll be up in San Luis Obispo painting and exhibiting in the San Luis Obispo Art Museum's Plein Air Event.

Tenative painting workshop date Nov 5th in Westminster at the Art SupplyWarehouse. Were working out details. Check back.

ART BLOG-  Last Saturday I actually went out painting at the marina in San Diego with the California Art Club. It was a wonderful day with a great group of painters. Can't wait to do it again. Heres what I did.  I liked the green fishing boat to the right but wanted the sky line of buildings in the back.  I felt that the white fishing "yacht" as the locals refered to it, made for a better compostion. The dark windows would help to anchor it as a focal point.  I decided to include both boats, using the green boat in back to direct  attention back into the picture . The contrasting themes of earning a living at  sea verses in a concrete jungle inspired me.

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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Fall Art Announcements & My Summer in Europe

MY BLOG: Sooner or later it may occur to you that Im a novice blogger. I am lucky when I can actually locate my blog, let alone edit it. You'd think I would know where it is. I'm slowly catching on, so please bear with me.The truth is..... Id really rather be painting.

Below you will find headings on Art News, Announcements , Artwork and other topics. Scroll Down for an overview so you dont miss anything important. A Hint, new paintings are at the bottom under my biography, which is 'below' my Artcruise announcement and group photo. I have some great events listed you may also wish to check out along with  reading about my  trip to Europe in July.  I hope you enjoy the reading and the artwork.

SUMMER:  Well, summer seemed pretty mild around here, we've been getting alot of that "marine layer". No complaints. I dont miss the heat from inland. As for what Ive been up to? Well, Ive managed to keep busy, as you can imagine. I've also been teaching summer school, along with working in my garden. Did I mention I worked in my garden?? Did I mention chasing bugs? Isn't gardening supposed to be relaxing? Where? Does that include organic gardening? This happens to be me in my "girlfriends" garden in Germany. (My pond is much smaller).

When the bugs let up I actually managed to get in some painting too and even  went on a trip to Europe. I saw Prague for the first time, which was truley magnificent, and spent  most of my time in  and around Munich,  in Southern Bavaria, Germany, where I used to live. It was "wunderschoen" to be back!! 

 At first things didnt look that different, I noticed a few new buildings here and there, some business had disappeared, but my goodness, it has indeed changed!! Was fuer eine Ueberraschung!! In all the years Ive visited Germany since I left in 1988, Id never seen much change. It slowly dragged behind the USA in computers and technology. They still had 5 TV stations. They liked their traditions. Well, this time, nine years, later, "WOW" ! I was quite surprised. This technological age of "instantcy" has definitely affected Germany along with Eastern Europe. Western influence has left its mark. People are wearing jeans out, and its not just the tourists. WOM the music store with 25 stations around the store where you coud listen to CD's from almost anywhere around the world--gone!  In Munich downtown I didnt even see any Bavarian restaurants....they were once all over. (It is Bavaria?) Now there was  Thai, Sushi, Le Buffet, and lots of cosmopolitan places, along with Americas Starbucks. There were two within a stones throw.....thats one thing that the Germans do not get, which is walking around with a paper cup drinking coffee. "Now,Why would you do that??" 

 A lot of things are nicer in many ways, people are eating healthier. Organics are common place in the stores. They have "supermarkets" more like ours ! "Healthy" is in. So is gourmet. The Bahnhof underground area was all nicely redone as well as much of the downtown areas on the Kaufinger Street. Lots of scaffolding too with a picture of the original building on it so it looked nicer. And, wow, Munich was so crowded; I was shocked at all the people, even when the stores were closed, at night and on the weekends. Where were they all going and coming from?

People were quite friendly and often rather talkative to strangers, where even here in the USA, they might not be. This was something I hadnt noticed before. They used to be more serious, more focused on their jobs. It was quite the contrary. It was as though  they'd let their hair down a bit. People were more relaxed.  Foreigners were all over the place.  I've always had amazing friends and loved the Germans. I accept them for who they are and not based on the past. They are such passionate, creative and loving people.  I was certainly treated like family. They left me wanting of nothing.  Leaving was really hard. But I had to go, back to the airport, to English, back to my home, husband and bird. Back to my art world. Ah...!

ART NEWS: As you may know, I entered the Paint San Clemente Art Show in June again this year. I thought my quick draw oil  painting was going pretty well in spite of having to relocate a few times. Luckily,  a lady, who came by and watched me as I was nearly finished, came back later that day and purchased the painting.  It was the view looking south from the pier.

AWARDS: This year I entered the fair again in San Diego. Last year I walked away with 3rd Place for an oil painting. This  July I won "Public Choice" for my pastel "Jeweled Coast". Thanks if you voted for it.  In San Clemente at the Fall Juried Show this August, I recieved 1st Place for my pastel  "Flow".

ANNOUNCEMENTS: In Sept. Ill be exhibiting at the lovely new Fallbrook library. Ill have a large wall with a number of paintings so you may want to drop by. The library itself is quite stunning and also worth a visit as is the charming town of Fallbrook. The show runs from Sept through Oct. 21, with a Reception 5-7 pm, Thurs. Sept 1st.

In October, 3-9th, I will taking part in the San Luis Obispo Art Museums Plein Air Competition and Exhibition.
I've entered two paintings into the Siena's Art Institutes "Drawing Connections" show, yes, in Siena, Italy. 
Come by and see my Arwork at the Mission Fine Art Gallery in San Juan Capistrano. Open every day 10-5pm.

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2009 Mecixan Riviera ArtCruise Smiles at Dinner

My classes are starting up for Saddleback college in August in San Clemente. Information is on my website. My "Express Yourself on Canvas" PAINTING Class will begin OCT 13th , 1pm thurs.

Find out more about my Pastel Demo in February for Seal Beach Art Association.